Tina A. Wake sits down with Prolific non-fiction author, John Archer - and tries to get a word in.

Dancer, Choreographer and Cultural & Dance Coordinator for NAISDA Dance College. Raymond Blanco is an inspiration for all creative arts practitioners.

"It's very important to make your art, make your marks. Important to pass on your understanding Emotionally rewarding to share your feelings Essential to leave something behind, a thought, an idea or sometimes something more tactile" - Col Henry. Sculptor

Local theatrical icon Margaret McGowan pulls no punches when it comes to the state of Theatre on the Central Coast.

Don McAlpine is one this country's most successful and respected cinematographer. We discuss his career from his earliest days in Australia at the genesis of the 70's new wave, to his Hollywood successes.

Peter Fenton was sound mixer for many of the most iconic Australian Films of the 60s, 70s and 80s. 

An extensive interview with RockStar Shimon Moore (formerly of Sick Puppies), about living and working in the music business in the US. A great insight for any budding musician.

Dexter Moore at one time gave away all his earthly possessions except for his nylon string acoustic guitar - and lived rough on the roads, allowing music to lead him on!

Tina A Wake speaks with Artist and art teacher Sandy James about her career, travels, Pablo's Arthouse and the 5-Lands Walk.

We sat down with Local Legend Margaret Hardy to talk about her career on the Central Coast as an Arts advocate and stirrer.



With our final Episode for 2015 in the can, the TLT crew discuss the challenges and joys of making the series.