Two local authors talk about life as a modern author, and what they think about the future of narrative fiction.

How do Indigenous artists tell their stories in modern Australian society? And what more can we do to heal the Cultural wounds that still exist?

We take a look a how copyright piracy is impacting the ability of musicians to earn a living and we also look at what's happening on the Central Coast with live venues.

We discuss with several local theatre luminaries the state of Performing Arts on the Central Coast.

Don McAlpine cinematographer, Gary Russell screenwriter and producer along with Daniel Grey, best boy and gaffer, discuss the state of the Australian film industry.

We discuss with several educators their experience teaching Arts and what the future holds for Arts Education.

Tina A Wake interviews several prominent Central Coast Artists about the future of Visual Arts in Australia. The responses are far from optimistic.

We discuss with various artists how they earn a living from their Art. This is the video package that appears in our first Pilot Alpha Episode of the show.